Krugers Awesome Features

Kruger Game spotter comes with a variety of awesome features to make your game spotting experience the best yet!

  • Sighting Maps

    See all the days sightings on a dynamically updating map!

  • Easy Notifications

    Get notified when your favorite animal has been spotted!

  • Navigation System

    Get turn by turn navigation to each sighting!

  • Easy to Use

    Built to be easy to use and understand!

  • Stunning Quality

    Built with quality and standards in mind!

  • All the info on camps

    Find all the information you need on camps within the kruger!

  • See info on all your favorite animals

    Find Info on your favorite animals !

  • Users come first

    Built for the users and the experience

How it Works

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App Screenshots

Screenshots of the various app screens and features!

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